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Welcome to one of the best Self-Defense schools in Belgium.


Club founder and lead instructor Ronny Marcelis renowned expert in martial arts, self defensive tactics, personal security and Fitness. He offers his innovative approach to fighting right here in the heart of Belgium. We are the world headquarters for the International Full Kenpo Association. In addition, we are the proud custodian of self defense Belgium, offering a cutting edge fusion of traditional and modern tactics for today's world.


Class Types

Our Basis and Advanced classes offer different environments through different training dynamics and integration:


Basic Classes

These classes focus on master key movements in a non to low contact dynamic.

Open to students of all levels (including complete beginners).


Advanced Classes

These classes focus on more advanced concepts, biomechanical principles and essential techniques in a faster-paced, higher contact dynamic. Open for advanced students only.


What do whe train:



Full Kenpo Fighting System born in 2004, is a creation of Ronny Marcelis. It is his own interpretation on Kenpo and modern self-defense systems. It is a method that use universal movements as base that can be applied in 90% of the techniques.



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